Everyone needs a good scrubby at home, preferably one that doesn't stink!

There a couple things that make me cringe, the same way you would if someone scratched their fingernails on a chalkboard.  And one of those things are soggy, smelly, kitchen scrubbies.  I mean, the generic sponges we buy from the grocery store do work great for the first two, three times but after being used on dirty dishes and wiping down the counters, it starts to smelll yucky!  I looked for an alternative, one that is preferably made of natural materials since it is being used in a place where my family eats. Long and behold, I found out  that hemp scrubbies are ah-mazing!

The rugged texture of hemp yarn is best material for making scrubby pads, and here’s why:

1. Hemp is naturally antibacterial. Which takes care of the stink. 

2.  Going back to texture, it is rugged yet flexible making it perfect for scrubbing without being too abrasive.

3. Hemp yarn from Darn Good Yarn is all natural and made of recycled fibres from ethical sources.

If you're a crocheter, like me - you can save yourself a trip to the store and make your own hemp scrubby at home.  It's a great DIY project from beginner crocheters.  I made mine using an all natural hemp yarn from Darn Good Yarn.  Here's the links to the hemp yarn and free crochet hemp scrubby pattern.  It's a really simple pattern to follow and you can make a few scrubbies with this one bundle of hemp. 

It's been two weeks and my hemp kitchen scrubby is still going strong without the stink!  I've also been using my scrubby in the shower, it's amazing for exfoliating sensitive skin or if you have allergies to a lot of different materials like me. 

Good luck making your own hemp scrubbies, let me know how you liked it! Visit Darn Good Yarn and use code LOOPSFORLITTLES15 to save 15% on your order of hemp yarn.


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