Our Story

Loops For Littles is more than just a hobby.  It's full of tradition, love, encouragement, and passion. I started this handmade business in 2015, nearing the daunting age of 30, two kids later, and after leaving a corporate job of almost 10 years.  So why now? Why bother? Well, It goes back to 2008, while all my friends were having the time of their lives, making memories, moving off to University, careless and free. I was becoming a young mother for the first time.  A single mother, that is.  I was learning how to be a new mom while everyone else my age was chasing their dreams and careers.  I too had some kinda plan of what I wanted to do with my young life, which evidently was flipped upside down and all around.  Needless to say, I was happy with the curve ball life threw at me and I embraced every moment.  It's what gave me the backbone I needed to take risks, to know that no matter how tough times may get hard work really does pay off, and real rewards only come through perseverance.  

What I learned from my nontraditional way of building a family is that life isn't all that easy, it has so many moving parts that are often difficult to manage simultaneously especially on your own.  But it's these experiences that teach you that anything and everything is truly possible if you keep your eye on the ball. If you have even the slightest shred of natural talent, nurture it because in due time, it has the potential to grow into something great, something tangible and real.  No idea is too small or stupid, and the courage to pursue your individual creativity is the best thing you can do to keep that inner flame burning out.  No one is going to love you and know you more than YOU.  So give yourself all that you dream of and deserve.  That's the affirmations I take with me as I turn my baskets of yarn into a real business I can be proud of!

That is when in November 2015, Loops For Littles was introduced to the world.  A vintage-inspired shop for children.  It's a reflection of who I am, what I'm built of.  Hundreds and thousands of loops intertwined and connected to create something new and tangible.  It's strong, it's durable, and it's made with my two hands with patience, and care.  Where'd I learn to knit? Grandma and Mom, of course.  How were they patient enough to teach me?  God only knows!  (Deep breathes and uttering curse words maybe!)  So here we are, Loops For Littles is now my full-time gig.  Together with my family, my husband, and two little girls, we are happy to share our  love of eco-friendly and ethically produced quality products with you. Trying to keep our styles fresh with that vintage-inspired charm you can only find in handmade goods!

-Justine Shannon, Owner & Entrepreneur